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Jason Carter
Principal Grades 3-5

13 McNally Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6500

Goshen Intermediate School
Central School District

Student Resources

The following links will bring you to age-appropriate and interactive games and informational websites to help supplement learning for Goshen Intermediate School students. More links may be added throughout the school year, so check back often.

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  Science Math image  Math
Social Studies image Social Studies Internet safety image Internet Safety


English Language Arts

  1. Shape Poems: Interactive online project

  2. Vocabulary Interactive site

  3. Puzzlemaker: Make puzzles with your spelling words

  4. AAASpell: Practice Spelling words

  5. Spelling City

  6. Wordle: Make "word clouds" from words that you provide

  7. Taxedo: Make shape "word clouds" from words that you provide

  8. Interactive Poetry

  9. Game Classroom: ELA educational games

  10. Storybird: Online Story writing


  1. Health Promotion Wave: Health Promotion Wave (HPW) is a student-centered K-12 comprehensive curriculum where skills and knowledge taught in the early grades are reinforced and built upon in the later grades.

  2. KidsHealth: An excellent site with information written just for kids. Includes explanations about the body, nutrition, fitness and more. 

  3. The Innerbody: Online anatomy lessons containing more than 100 illustrations of the human body. Have your kids try the interactive portion of the site. 

  4. The American Lung Association: This site is a great resource for students researching about smoking and it's effects.

  5. The American Heart Association: As above, this site offers a resource for teachers and students about the heart and how to stay healthy!

  6. Tobacco-Free Kids: Find out why smoking is bad for your health. Get the facts, check out special events and visit the kids corner. 

  7. My Plate: The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an organization of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was established in 1994 to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans.

  8. Discovery Education Streaming: Video clips covering many health topics. 

  9. Learn To Be Healthy: Provides interactive student health science activities and teacher lesson plans for FREE that include: Teacher-led Activities, Student Games and Webquests.

  10. Dairy Council of California: MyPyramid Match Game will test your knowledge of the five food groups, and how much you need from each group. 

  11. Nourish Interactive: Nourish Interactive is a resource for fun nutrition games to promote healthy living for the whole family.


  1. Water Cycle

  2. Water Cycle Webquest

  3. Food Chain Game

  4. States of Matter Activities

  5. Earth & Beyond: Engineering Interact  

  6. Electricity: Engineering Interact

  7. Forces & Motion: Engineering Interact

  8. Light: Engineering Interact

  9. Sound: Engineering Interact

  10. Rocks And Weathering: BBC

  11. Natural Resources


Math Games

  1. Math Playground: Word Problems, Math Games, Logic. (K-6)

  2. 3rd Grade: Interactive Skill Builders

  3. 4th Grade: Interactive Skill Builders

  4. 5th Grade: Interactive Skill Builders

  5. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

  6. NumberNut.com: Variety of skills

  7. Play Kids Games

  8. Game Classroom: Math educational games

Math Facts Practice

  1. Harcourt Math Facts

  2. Fact Monster

  3. Math Facts Practice

  4. The Playground of Mathematics


  1. Internet4Classrooms: Fraction Practice 

  2. National Library of Math Manipulatives

  3. AAA math

  4. Gamequarium

  5. Flitting with Fractions


  1. Time: Analog and Digital Elapsed Time

Make Change

  1. Money Program 

  2. Fun Brain

  3. Internet 4 classrooms


  1. A Plus Math

  2. A Plus Math

  3. Classifying Triangles by Angles

  4. Recognize and Label Angles

  5. Measuring Angles 

  6. Types of Polygons: Sides and Angles

  7. Identifying Triangles by Types of Angles

  8. Creating and measuring angles with Protractor 

  9. Gamequarium: Geometry


  1. Fun Brain: Measurement to the 1/8 inch

  2. Fun Brain: Centimeters

  3. Fun Brain: Inches

  4. Estimation of Lengths 

  5. Customary Units for measurements, area, perimeter, and volume 

  6. Metric Units for measurements, area, perimeter, and volume

Place Value

  1. Place Value


  1. Links Learning: Lines of Symmetry


  1. Math Manipulatives: Tesselations

  2. Math Manipulatives: Trangrams

  3. Understanding Patterns 

  4. Tangrams 

  5. Skip Counting 

Whole Numbers

  1. Odd and Even 


  1. Math-0: Basic Multiplication 

  2. Grades 3 - 4 Multiplication

  3. Grades 5-8 Math 

  4. Multiplication: 1 digit by 3 digits quiz

  5. Multiplication: 1 digit by 3 digits quiz 

  6. Multiplication Games

  7. Sum Sense Multiplication


  1. Subtraction with Regrouping 

  2. Subtraction with or without Regrouping

  3. Sum Sense Subtraction


  1. Fun Brain Division

  2. Fun Brain Tic Tac Toe Division

  3. Division Games

  4. Sum Sense Division

  5. Division with Decimals

  6. Fun 4 the Brain Division

Internet Safety

  1. Net Smartz Kids 

  2. AT&T Safety Land

  3. Professor Garfield

  4. Safe Online Surfing

Social Studies

  1. Scholastic Constitution Game

  2. Bill of Rights Game

  3. Constitution Day

  4. Compass Directions


  1. Library of Congress

  2. Inaugurations of Past Presidents

  3. Election 2012


  1. World Maps - Physical & Political

  2. Political World Atlas

  3. Geography for Kids

  4. Ben's Guide - 50 States Practice

  5. Crickweb: U.S. Map Game - 50 States Practice

  6. World Geography

  7. Where in the World Webquest

  8. Map Skills Scavenger Hunt

    1. Geography Glossary

    2. Types of Maps

    3. How to Read a Map

    4. Compass Rose Skills

    5. Practice the Cardinal Directions

    6. Compass Rose Quiz

    7. Cardinal Directions Quiz

    8. Latitude and Longitude

    9. Latitude and Longitude Practice

    10. Map Legend

    11. Learn About Map Scale

    12. Map Quiz

  9. I Like 2 Learn

African American Inventors

  1. Black Inventors: A to Z

  2. The Top 10 African-American Inventors

  3. The Black Inventor Online Museum

  4. Enchanted Learning

  5. Black Scientists and Inventors


  1. 2010 Census

  2. Incredible Incas for Kids

All Subjects

  1. Mr. Nussbaum: Educational games for all subjects