Goshen Intermediate School contact information

Jason Carter
Principal Grades 3-5

13 McNally Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6500

Goshen Intermediate School
Central School District


Students of the Goshen Intermediate School are offered a wide variety of music courses, including General Music, Chorus, Strings, and Band. The general music classes are scheduled to meet for 40 minutes once a week.

Our fourth and fifth grade choruses rehearse twice a week for 50 minutes before school. Students work on singing technique while performing a varied repertoire of music.

Instrumental lessons last for a half hour, once a week. There are weekly band section rehearsals that rehearse during recess and full band rehearsals twice a week for 50 minutes before school.

String students have small group lessons for 30 minutes each week. During this time, instruction focuses on building basic playing skills and music reading skills.

Before-school practices are also part of the instruction. This takes place 2-3 days a week from 8-8:50 a.m. This time allows students to utilize the skills they learn during their lessons, under the supervision of their teacher. Having this extra instruction makes it possible for students to advance more quickly.

During before-school practice, students have the opportunity to perform as a group and individually. Students also create their own music patterns on the board, using the rhythms and notes that have been learned. This time also makes it possible for students to listen to music and learn about music history. These are many things that could not be addressed in the short lesson time during the school day.

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