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Jason Carter
Principal Grades 3-5

13 McNally Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6500

Goshen Intermediate School
Central School District


Welcome to the wonderful world of art! Our classes meet once a week for 40 minutes. After school clubs include water coloring, stamping, and puppet making.

Sketch Book-Art Journal
Students are encouraged to keep a sketchbook outside of class. Sketchbooks can be a visual diary of students lives, filled with memories, new experiences, challenges, and fun! Artists are not necessarily born artists, they learn the craft like all other skills. With practice and encouragement art can expand a child's outlook on life.

Library area, district office, and local businesses. At the end of the year Open House every student will have their work of art displayed.

Every art lesson taught at GIS is based on the teaching technique known as Discipline Based Art Education: Every lesson includes at least one, if not all of the following standards:

  • Art History- Who made the art? Facts and knowledge about the art and artist. Students learn how factors such as place and time influence art.

  • Art Criticism- What is the work of art about? Students learn to read a painting looking for visual clues. Students learn to discuss a work of art based on their emotional response.

  • Aesthetics- What is the purpose or function of the work of art? Why do we like this work of art? Students examine and use subject matter, themes, and symbols to give emotional meaning to their work.

  • Studio Art- How is the work of art made? What process, skills, and techniques are used to create a work of art?

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Robert Hoover
Art Teacher

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