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Bus safety tips for parents

Danger Zones

The most important fact that parents must be aware of is the Danger Zone around the outside of a school bus. Despite all of the special mirrors on a bus, drivers may not always be able to see young children who are close to the bus.

Parents can help by:

  • Encouraging students to stay out of the danger zone and do so themselves.

  • If a child needs to cross the road to get on or off the bus and you meet the bus, please cross with him or her, following the driver's hand signal.

  • Avoid purchasing traditional yellow raincoats, which blend in with the color of the bus.

  • Remove all jacket and coat drawstrings.

  • Students should keep all belongings in a book bag. Loose items dropped by children can cause them to reach into the Danger Zone.

  • Musical instruments too large to fit on a child's lap are not permitted (they could block an emergency evacuation). This is also true of oversized book bags with airport-style wheels.

  • If your son or daughter needs to go to an alternative site (i.e.: a babysitter) please notify the school and Bus Garage in writing in a timely way. Special forms are available in the schools and at the Bus Garage.