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Staff Resources

This page is for staff members of the Goshen Central School District and is not meant for the general public.


General Resources

Mandatory Compliance Training
Mandatory Compliance Training Video 2016/17
Mandatory Compliance Training Video Certificate of Completion (PDF)
Mental Health Flyer (PDF)

Goshen Webmail Access
Available only to Goshen faculty and staff members. Log in here

Aesop Sub Service
Automated substitute placement and absence management program used by the Goshen Central School District. Log in here

Basic Educational Data Services (BEDS)
Frequently Asked Questions
Teaching Codes
Teaching Manual User Guide

Google Calendar
Log in to Goshen's Google calendar

Google drive
Log into Google drive

My Learning Plan
Educator evaluation and professional learning data management solutions. Log in here

Pay Schedule for 2017-18
View it here

RTI Packet for Goshen High School teachers
This is a link to three PDFs about referring students for Response To Intervention. Teachers need to print the paperwork to begin the RTI process and bring it to the Guidance office. View it here

RTIm Direct
Track and manage your Response to Intervention (RTI) / Academic Intervention Services (AIS) model. Log in here

SchoolDude IT Direct
Technology support request system for faculty and staff. Log in here

School Tool
Online student management system used by the Goshen Central School District. Log in here

SunGard Performance Plus
Assessment and curriculum management. Log in here

Teacher-Student Roster Verification Q&As
Frequently asked questions (PDF)

Log in here

How to register for TEACH
Directions (PDF)

How to submit a press release
Learn how you can help publicize events and activities in your classroom. Learn more (PDF)



Technology Resources

Instructional Technology Resources

Social Media Resources

Teacher Website Resources (PDF)

Web Resources by School Building


Forms for faculty and staff

These forms are in Adobe PDF format and can be printed from your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free from the Adobe website

Acceptable Use Policy for Computerized Information Services and Internet use

Attendance Forms

Benefits forms for faculty and staff

Conference/field trip/travel reimbursement forms

Payroll forms for faculty and staff

More Information

Paula Walter

227 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6746
Fax: (845) 615-6750

Andrea McClorey
227 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6735 or 6737
Fax: (845) 615-6750

Rosemary Pereira
Personnel Coordinator
227 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924

(845) 615-6760
Fax: (845) 615-6749

Lisa de Jong
Attendance & Workers Compensation
227 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6741
Fax: (845) 615-6750