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Nuts & Bolts - Inside the proposed Capital Improvement Project

Part 6: Details about the STEAM Lab and Suite

This series will discuss the details of the proposed Capital Improvement Project. Questions should be emailed to christina.gore@gcsny.org

Click for a larger view of the STEAM Lab and Suite renovationSTEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)-related careers are in high demand and our students are looking for opportunities to be competitive in this technological world. Oftentimes, the high school is approached by employers looking to hire candidates with advanced manufacturing skills. The business world needs problem solvers with the ability to continually adapt to new technologies and ideas. Technology has transformed the modern workplace, and it is important that our facilities keep pace.

The proposed project would convert the high school’s industrial and visual arts program into a new STEAM lab and suite that would be devoted to applied arts and technology.

The STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) lab and suite will include space for hands-on learning in areas such as advanced manufacturing, robotics, electronics, computer science, graphic design, applied math, 2-D and 3-D art, and computer-aided design.

The proposed project includes expanding the existing wood shop by approximately 137 square feet, relocating an office, and creating a metal shop, maker space and media/fab lab from existing instructional space. These learning areas will be equipped with new equipment such as 3D printers, CNC machines, laser engravers and vinyl cutters.

The proposed STEAM lab and suite upgrades will perform three major functions. First, it will allow students to learn how to turn their ideas into real products using new technologies that parallel those being used in modern industries. These hands-on experiences will give them an upper hand as they enter the workforce in a completive, global economy. Secondly, science and math teachers will be able to demonstrate the real application of their topics through experiments and projects performed in the STEAM lab and suite. Lastly, the upgrades will provide new, modern technology equipment that will replace some of the 40 year old equipment that is becoming outdated as well as a safety concern.

Stay tuned for the next Nuts & Bolts that will talk about the details of the proposed interior renovations and site improvements.