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Letter for Class of 2019 parents/guardians

March 27, 2017 - Surprising as it may seem, the planning for your child’s senior year is already well underway! As Class Advisors for the Class of 2019, we have been working with only a few willing students to identify and run fundraising opportunities to build the class financial account, which is used to offset some of the considerable costs associated with Senior year activities: prom, trip, yearbook, graduation, etc. There are many students who contribute to, or pay these expenses from their own part-time jobs. Our goal is to make everything as accessible to all the students in the class as possible.. To do this, we would like to raise as close to $25,000 as possible. A lofty goal we’re told, which leads us to the purpose of this letter.

As part-time advisors and full-time teachers we would like to shamelessly take this opportunity to appeal to you on behalf of “our” kids. We are hoping to recruit your help with upcoming fundraiser events. The more help we have in realizing some of the great ideas we’ve come up with, the more memorable your child’s high school experience is sure to be (and hopefully the less empty you’ll find your wallets come senior year!) There are many ways to help, from baking for our bake sales, helping run some of the events outside of school hours, to just simply encouraging your child to get involved with his/her class. Class meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays 10th period in rm 206 and we’d love them to come. Unfortunately, it seems that only a select few kids get involved in their class activities until senior year when all the big decisions have already been made. Believe it or not, we are already visiting venues for prom!

These are a few of the great ideas we’ve come up with that need more brainstorming and your help:

  • Hudson Valley Renegades Game Night - Work in progress.

  • Comedy Night - Work in progress.

  • Car Wash/Yard Sale - Think drop your car off in the lot for a wash while you browse tables of donated items we sort and tag, or rented vendor spaces.

  • Silent Auction - This can be as large as we can make it. We’ll need donations of items, services, and gift certificates for themed gift sets for bidding, and lots of hands for preparation, set-up, and clean-up.

  • 5K Obstacle Course - Company that can set up a course, or from whom we can rent to create one.

  • Murder Mystery Dinner - A local venue

Please take a minute to fill out the Class of 2019 Parent/Guardian Info form whether or not you can help. Follow class activities on Twitter as GHS Sophomores @GHS2019, and ask your child to follow us there and on Instagram ghs.2019 as well. We all know that many hands make light work, but we’re hoping it will also earn us and save you a few bucks, too!

We look forward to working together!

Ms. Gonzalez & Ms. Delehanty



PS - This is also a good opportunity to segway into an All-Night Grad Party Committee, which is a parent-run event to give the kids a safe space for a final celebration after graduation.