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Student Government elected at C. J. Hooker Middle School

President Tyler DeichselDecember 13, 2016 - Election Day had a double meaning for students at C. J. Hooker Middle School as the student body voted for their Student Government Cabinet on the same day Americans voted for their 45th President.

The results are:

  • Tyler Deichsel, President

  • Payton Hilliard, Vice President

  • Blake Stellato, Treasurer

  • Giuliana Fortuna, Secretary

Campaigning started a few weeks before the election when approximately 40 students shuffled into the informational meeting about running for office.

Vice President Payton HilliardCompetition began heating up as students filled out applications, asked teachers for recommendations, and petitioned students to sign for them in hopes of obtaining enough signatures to be put on the ballot.

Once the congratulatory letters were handed out, candidates began making and hanging posters around the school to appeal to their fellow students. They made speeches that were shown via video during Social Studies classes.

"I am very proud of everyone who ran for office this year," said Principal William Rolon. "All candidates displayed professionalism while campaigning and it showed in such a close race for all offices. I look forward to a great and productive year with the 2016-17 Student Government."

The Student Government is advised by Sarah Rossenwasser.

Photos from top to bottom: President Tyler Deichsel, Vice President Payton Hilliard, Treasurer Blake Stellato and Secretary Giuliana Fortuna.
Treasurer Blake Stellato







Secretary Giuliana Fortuna