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Performer raises allergy awareness through music and puppetry

October 20, 2016 - On October 11, students at Scotchtown Avenue were treated to a morning of musical delight, courtesy of musician Kyle Dine. Mr. Dine performs food allergy awareness assemblies for schools across North America and he would know a thing or two about the subject; he has several food allergies himself.

Mr. Dine educates children about different types of allergies, the symptoms of an allergic reaction and the importance of never sharing food through the use of music, puppetry and story sharing. His presentation was extremely enjoyable and educational for all. This is Mr. Dine's second year visiting Scotchtown.

A special thank you to the PTO for funding this wonderful assembly! For more information on Kyle Dine and food allergies, please visit his website: http://www.kyledine.com.


Kyle Dine educates students about allergiesKyle Dine educates students about allergies.Kyle Dine's prop for his food allergy performance.


Photo left: Kyle Dine shares a story about his food allergies.
Photo middle:  "Suzie Symptoms" shows students what can happen during an allergic reaction.
Photo right: - Kyle Dine sings a song about not sharing food.