Scotchtown Avenue Elementary contact information

Dr. Gregory Voloshin
Principal Grades K-2

120 Scotchtown Ave.
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6600

Schotchtown Avenue Elementary School
Central School District

Safety, Health & Wellness

School Nurse/Health Office at the Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School

Suzanne Dombrowski
School Nurse

Grades K-2
120 Scotchtown Avenue
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6617

Helpful Tips and Practices

  • Medications must be brought to school by parents only - never on the school bus!

  • No medications, creams, or cough drops are permitted in school without a doctor's note and parent's note.

  • Students should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

  • Make sure your student gets a good night's rest and eats a healthy breakfast!

  • Be sure to practice healthy hand-washing habits to eliminate germs.