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Daniel T. Connor

227 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6720

Central School District

Safety, Health and Wellness

School Nurses/Health Offices

Students may come to the Health Office for health information, advice, medical questions, illness, medication administration, physical exams and assessments, care of injuries or short rest periods for headache or minor discomforts. Students who do not feel improved or are unable to attend classes will be sent home.

The school nurse will phone parents, when necessary, and assess and administer first aid should a student become ill or injured in school. The nurse will transfer a student to the emergency room via EMS ambulance should a higher level if care be needed or if the parent can not reach the student in a reasonable and safe amount of time. Students will be sent home ill or injured by the nurse with either the parent or a responsible person listed by the parent on the emergency card.

School nurses by building

Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School

Suzanne Dombrowski
Grades K-2
120 Scotchtown Avenue
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6617
Email: suzanne.dombrowski@gcsny.org

Goshen Intermediate School

Charlotte O'Connor
Grades 3-5
13 McNally Street
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6525
Fax: (845) 615-6524
Email: charlotte.oconnor@gcsny.org

C. J. Hooker Middle School

Nancy Moore-Ellefsen
Grades 6-8
41 Lincoln Avenue
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6314
Fax: (845) 615-6313
Email: nancy.ellefsen@gcsny.org

Goshen High School

Toni Samuelson
Grades 9-12
222 Scotchtown Avenue
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 615-6133
Email: toni.iaquezsamuelson@gcsny.org