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Goshen, NY 10924
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Central School District

Prepaid Cash Accounts

Student’s Account

This is a debit account (not a credit account). The money you send to school to the Food Service Department is deposited into their account as cash. The value of each purchase will be deducted from their account.


Elementary School - students do not need to learn their PIN number. Their account is accessed by the cashier. Intermediate & Middle School students enter their PIN onto a computer pad. High School students may either swipe their Student ID card or enter their PIN onto a computer pad.

How to Pay

Payment may be made by cash or check made out to Cafeteria Fund. Please put all payments in an envelope, noting your student’s first and last name and PIN. If you have students in different schools you must send the cash or check to each building.

Free/Reduced Meal Program

If the student is approved for this program, the computer references their status and charges accordingly. If the student is not eligible for free meals, and does not have any funds, the purchase is charged to the student’s account.

All charges MUST be repaid the next day. At the High School there is a NO CHARGE policy.

PLEASE remind your student not to share their ID number with anyone.