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Central School District

Physical Education at Goshen Intermediate School

A student hula hoops at Jelly Bean Field Day

Students at GIS are involved in a physical education program that provides opportunities to engage in many physical activities. Emphasis is placed on skills that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

Physical education class provides an environment which fosters learning opportunities for every child. Motor and social skills are provided in a safe, supportive environment.

Grades 3-5 meet for physical education classes twice each week for 40 minutes. Students are excused from classes only with a note from a doctor or parent. All students should wear appropriate clothing and sneakers on P.E. days.

Our fitness assessment is the FITNESSGRAM, which is a health related physical fitness assessment.

Each of the test items is selected to assess important aspects of a student's health related fitness. It is administered twice a year; fall and spring. It will be sent home in January and again with each student's final report card in June.

Learn more about the FITNESSGRAM.