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Central School District

Physical Education at the Goshen High School

Physical EducaPhysical Education Students of the Month for May & June 2011tion Program - ½ Credit
(Full year alternate days)
16 quarters required for graduation

Physical education is an educational process that focuses on increasing people’s knowledge and affecting people’s attitudes and behaviors relative to physical activities, including exercise, sports, games, dance and outdoor adventure activities. In accepting its responsibility as an integral part of the educational process, the physical education department recognizes that its efforts must contribute to more than just the physical development of the child. Physical education must contribute to the child’s social maturity, mental health and intellectual enhancement.

 Units of study commonly offered within the high school curriculum are as follows:

*Theory, Skill and Technique Training in:

  • Archery 

  • Basketball 

  • Project Adventure

  • Golf 

  • Touch Football

  • Volleyball 

  • Fitnessgram Unit

  • Orienteering 

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Fitness Activities 

  • Juggling 

  • Body Shaping

  • European Team Handball

  • Softball 

  • Frisbee 

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Power Walking 

  • Power Aerobics

  • Lacrosse 

  • Weight Training

  • Flag Football

  • Fitness Testing

  • Adapted PE

  • Self Defense

  • Square Dancing

  • Table Tennis

  • Walleyball

  • Floor Hockey

  • Tumbling 

  • Badminton

  • X-Country Skiing

  • Bowling 

  • Speedball

Selection of Activities

There is a rotating schedule for selecting activities. The process starts with the beginning of the alphabet. Students with the last name beginning with “A” choose first and work through the alphabet for the first unit. The next unit the first to choose are students with the last name beginning with “I”, and the last unit of the marking period, the first to choose are students that last name begins with “R”. This rotation continues for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marking periods in the school year.

Fitness Testing

The Fitness assessment, for children and youth in grades K through 12, is a well established leader in the youth fitness field. Children and youth are given valuable feedback on ways to establish positive exercise behavior geared to improving their level of fitness.

Fitnessgram measures aerobic capacity, body composition, and muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Instead of using percentile norms to evaluate performance, Fitnessgram uses objective criterion standards representing healthy fitness levels.

Fitnessgram recognizes that educating students about physical fitness, with an emphasis on the continuing benefits of exercising throughout life, is the most important objective of a testing program.

Physical Education Grading Policy

Every high school student must complete sixteen quarters of physical education with a passing grade of a “D” or better. If a student fails one quarter, they must take a double quarter sometime before their graduation date.

Students are graded on each activity they participate in and will receive a letter grade ranging from A to F. They will be given a quarterly grade computed from the average of all activities they have participated in.

It should be noted that the teacher listed on the five week notices and report cards may not be the instructor who teaches a particular activity during that marking period. This is due to our selective curriculum program.