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Physical Education at the C. J. Hooker Middle School

Class Overview

Physical Education classes meet on alternating days (three times one week, tow times the next week) for a total of approximately 90 classes per year. Each class will meet for 48 minutes, with the first five minutes and the least five minutes used for changing in the locker rooms.

Students are grouped by grade level (6, 7, 8) and all include both boys and girls. The teaching staff determines activities and instruction is either co-ed or sexes separate, based on the actual activity.

Basic classes include a warm up, followed by skill demonstrations and drills, lead up games, strategy discussions, and full field/court games or fitness activities.

Locks and Lockers

All seventh and eighth grade students will be provided a school issued lock and locker for personal use during the school year. The PE staff will record lock and locker information for all students. These locks and lockers are provided to store physical education clothes between classes and school clothes during class.

Students are responsible for maintaining the privacy and cleanliness of their locks and lockers. No food or drink is permitted in the locker room areas at any time. If a lock is lost or misplaced, the PE staff is to be notified immediately. All lockers are to be cleaned out at the end of the school year and all locks are to be returned. A fine will be charged for lost locks.

Due to facility restrictions, the sixth grade students will not be issued their own locks and lockers, but will use the common locker room area to change. They are responsible to bring their PE clothes with them for each class and take them back with them when they leave class.

Valuables and Physical Education

All students are discouraged from bringing money or other items of valuable to PE class. Items should be left in the student's main locker. If a student does bring a valuable item to class (example: camera) he or she should see his or her teacher about storing the item.


To promote safety and proper hygiene, all students attending a physical education class are required to change into proper attire. This includes a change of shirt, shorts, sweatpants, and sneakers. These clothes should be worn during class and then removed at the end of class. All jewelry is to be removed and secured in the student lockers during class.

Tardiness Policy

All students attending PE class are required to report to the physical education area directly from their previous class or activity. Stopping at hall lockers or in the cafeteria will not be permitted, unless previous permission is granted. Any student reporting late to class is required to bring a pass from their previous teacher to explain their tardiness. Illegal lates will result in a reduced daily grade, and possibly additional discipline measures.

Medical Exemptions

Any student not participating in a required PR class due to illness or injury must present their PR teacher with a parental note explaining the situation. If the illness/injury is going to force the student to miss more than two consecutive classes, then a doctor or hospital note is required and kept on file in the school nurse's office.

Depending on the length of missed time, the PE staff will decide whether to assign make up work (sport folios done in the library) or keep the student involved in class activities (score keeper, referee, etc.) In any situation, the student is to report to PE on his or her assigned day.

Grading Procedures

The purpose for the grading policy used is two fold:

  1. To evaluate a student's performance for each class - a daily grade or "score."

  2. To combine the daily scores and convert this score into a numbered grade that will reflect the student's grade for the quarter - a "quarter" grade.

Daily grade

A five point system will be used as the basis of establishing a student's daily grade. This grade will be a score from 0 to 5 based on the following criteria:

  • Attendance: Being in class and on time. Cutting class is never tolerated. Students are to report to each and every class, unless officially excused, legally absent, or in the nurse's office. This is worth 1 point per class.

  • Preparation for class: Changing into and out of proper attire, which promotes safety and proper hygiene. Students who don't have proper foot wear (sandals, flip flops, high heels) or improper clothes (dresses) will not only lose points here, but will also not be allowed to participate. Worth 1 point per class.

  • Participation in activities: Active participation in all class activities is the backbone of any PE program. Student will be evaluated on their level of participation and the effort given. Skill level will be taken into consideration but only used as an enhancement, never taking points away for poor skill level. Worth up to 2 points per class.

  • Attitude/Behavior: Evaluations include interaction among students, student-teacher relationships, positive responsible behavior, ability to follow directions, care enough to be prepared for class, on time to class. Worth one point per class.

To Determine a Daily Grade

Immediately following class, the teacher will assign a daily grade (a score from 0 to 5) based on evaluation of the above criteria. This way, the teacher will have a record concerning the student's progress. In addition to this number score, symbols can be used to help identify problems or concerns. These include "U" (unprepared), "NP" (non-participation), "B" or "A" (attitude/behavior), or "0" (cut). 

Examples of Daily Grades:

0 = Student illegally absent from class. No points.

1 = Student attends class, doesn't dress or participate. No point for attitude. Also, this will be given to a student with unsafe footwear who can't participate.

2 = Student attends, dresses for class, but doesn't participate. Loses points for participation and attitude.

3 = Students attends, does not dress but has acceptable footwear. Participates in all activities. Loses points for dress and attitude.

4 = Student attends, dresses for class, participates in activities, but loses 1 point for improper behavior or attitude. Also, 1 point can be deducted for lack of full participation.

5 = Student attends, dresses, participates enthusiastically, and demonstrates positive responsible behavior.

To Determine a Quarter Grade

To determine a number quarter grade, the teacher will calculate a final quarter score. This number (0-5) can be found by adding up all the student's daily scores and dividing by the number of classes used in the evaluation. Note - legal absences are not included in this procedure. This score is then converted to a 100 point score that is used for the quarter grade.

Quarter Grade Conversion Chart
Daily Grade 
Raw Score (0-5)
Quarter Grade 
Converted Score (50-100)
1.0 50
1.5 55
2.0 65
2.5 70
3.0 75
3.5 80
4.0 85
4.5 85
4.75 95
5.0 100

Example: Student "A" received the following daily grades: 5, 5, 2, 5, 4, 2, 3, 5, 5, 5, 3, 4
Raw quarter score - 48 divided by 12 = 4.0
4.0 converts to an 85 score for the quarter

Unprepared Make Up Activities

Make up activities will be offered to students who receive a low daily grade due to being unprepared for class. These make up activities (written work) will be assigned by their PE teacher and must be completed by no later than 5 school days following their unprepared class. If deemed satisfactory, this make up work will raise the daily grade on the unprepared day by 2-4 points. A maximum of 2 make up activities will be allowed per quarter.