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Daniel T. Connor

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Central School District

Physical Education at the C. J. Hooker Middle School

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Physical Education program at the middle school level is to facilitate the total development of students, so that they may reach their ultimate potential as young adults, and thereby contribute to the overall educational mission of the school.

Physical Education is the phase of the educational process involved in the teaching of physical skills, acquisition of knowledge, development of healthy attitudes, and in promotion of positive interaction among all participants.
In developing the Physical Education program, the curriculum is based on a sequence of learning experiences that are appropriate for the middle school age student's stage of social, emotional, intellectual, skill and fitness development.

Specifically, the program's emphasis is on skill development and enhancement through more advanced drills and actual game conditions. Activities are geared to have students participate in the major team and individual sports that are popular in our culture today. Specific game rules are taught, along with the strategy and concepts of play. Physical Education at this level should help prepare students interested in participating in the school's Interscholastic Athletic program. Project Adventure games are used to enhance group cooperation and trust. Personal fitness is encouraged and promoted through class activities and fitness levels will be evaluated at least once per year using the Fitnessgram testing. 

In addition to the above, the middle school Physical Education program will provide students the knowledge and ability to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment by understanding and demonstrating responsible personal and social behavior, thus creating a positive climate for group and individual activities. The program will also provide consumer knowledge, allowing students to be aware of opportunities within their community, to further their interest in physical education outside of the actual school environment.